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Hello Secondollies!

Finally I am happy I could make the video with new sensasionals new dances by Move Animations Cologne 
Yasmisn Vol. 2

I must had to upgrade my pc, like change video card and memory RAM,...finally I bought a very powerful machine, but........with Win 10, and when I finally wanted to finish recording the next dances, ohhh...OBS Studio (the software for making videos) have some problems with Win 10!!

The solution I found is use a simple software, that works very well and without any lag, although I make the videos in Ultra.
I hope you like it.

The dances as always, are awesome, I enjoy and dream with this pack; Yasmin Vol. 2. It is perfect!
I chosen a very soft and sweet song in french by Enzo Enzo :)

Enjoy and please if you have for me suggestions, for better performance please are welcome :)

All backdrops in the video you can find at Backdrop City

kisses a lot for you!
Babi ♥♥

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