martes, 31 de octubre de 2017

A lady like me ....

Hello my dear friends,

Good new for all of us!
Since today I have a new sponsor, Olde Lily by Caitlana, she makes beautiful makeups that could be much more cute.
The other good new, is that for this weekend there is promo price of this nice outfit, just
99L by Sexy Princess, you can also buy it in their Sexy Princess - Marketplace
The lovely shoes I am wearing are from Mosquito's Way, has a hud for changing lot of colors!

Outfit ::: Sexy Princess ::: Nimah, Weekend Sale Promo Price, just $99L

Heels ::: Mosquito's Way ::: Zoe, with HUD for changing colors

Lipstick matte, eyeliner and Lashes #3 ::: Olde Lily ::: for Catwa mesh heads

Skin applier ::: It Girls :::

Hair ::: Magika :::

Necklace ::: Kunglers :::

Rings ::: Meva :::

Pose ::: FoxCity :::

Enjoy, see you soon!
Babi ♥

sábado, 28 de octubre de 2017

Taking a deep breath...

So so so sexy morning, ....... ❤

Frank Sinatra

Lingerie ::: Sexy Princess ::: Abigail, with HUD for changing colors

Shoes ::: Mosquito's Way ::: Lorena, with HUD for customization, colors, chain and gem

Hair ::: no.match :::

Babi ♥

viernes, 27 de octubre de 2017

Happy weekend

Hello my lovely friends!

Starting very good this weekend, I think I am doing better the videos, so sorry I cannot hide my cursor yet.
I hope you enjoy these dances as I do; this time with my alter avatar Eleonora, both wearing our old flexi hairs :)

Go and try the dances here:

Visit their

The outfits are from Furtacor Laura Set (group gift) no pay for join and comes with the sneakers too, love it!
and the jeans comes with a HUD for changing colors and styles.
I appreciate these gifts too much ♥

Enjoy and happy weekend!
Babi :*

jueves, 26 de octubre de 2017

Mi gente!

Hello my friends!

I am very good and enjoying so much making this videos, it is a real pleasure dance with very well done dances in Second Life.
The dances are from MOVE Animations Cologne, this pack is ALINA.

SPECIAL THANK YOU PRICE OFFER ===> The Dances cost  300L$ each. 
We give MORE THAN 30% on each Dance Pack (15 Dances) ■■ (2999L$).■■ 

Styling Card:

Boots ::: Mosquito's Way ::: Kendra, excelente texture with HUD for customize 16 colors, 5 metals, laces, sole, etc. Love them! Thank you Camilla Limondi

Outfit ::: Furtacor ::: Anitta Set, I found it in their Marketplace

Hair ::: MINA ::: Elsa

Skin appliers ::: YS&YS :::

Lips piercings ::: HV :::

Mesh bento head Catwa, Body bento mesh Maitreya

Babi ♥

lunes, 23 de octubre de 2017

Yo no pido nada extraordinario...

I don't want nothing extraordinary, just to feel my soul free...

Outfit ::: Sexy Princess ::: Spidey skirt & pasties, very sexy!!!

Shoes ::: Mosquito's Way ::: Candy ==> new release, 21 colors, customizable with hud

Hair ::: Magika :::

Tattoo ::: Queen of Ink :::

Skin appliers ::: Amara Beauty ::: Joanna ::: Powder Pack october '17 for Catwa

Pose ::: FoxCity ::: Made up

Mesh head bento Catwa, Mesh body bento Maitreya

Babi ♥

sábado, 21 de octubre de 2017

Wassmara with you :)

Hello my dear friends!

I am so happy...  new sponsor trust on me, first time blogging for dances and animations ;) 
No have too much experience making videos, but I will do my best, I am sure I will making the better and better.  For now I want to share with you these Funky movements, I love all of them!!
This is new release, the pack called Stefanie with 15 dances.
The Dances cost  300L$ each. MORE THAN 30% on each Dance Pack (15 Dances) ■■ (2999L$).■■ 

Top ::: Sexy Princess ::: Oriana with HUD for changing color for top, laces and metal

Choker ::: Sexy Princess ::: Tri-band in 3 metals, Group Gift (free to join)

Jeans ::: Blueberry ::: 

Boots ::: Reign :::

Hair ::: Truth ::: Taja

Skin appliers ::: Essences ::: Kira for Powder Pack October 2017 for Catwa

Eyeshadows and Lipstick ::: The Face ::: Powder Pack October'17 for Catwa

Nose ring ::: Maxi Gossamer :::

Babi ♥

lunes, 16 de octubre de 2017

Fumando espero al hombre al que yo quiero....

Hello my dear friends,

For this post I wanted to be smoking, well at least in second life because in real life I do not, but like that always makes us want to do in our second life what we do not in the first.
I also love tattoos and piercings; only in Second Life too ;D

My second life is peaceful and solitary, I love to walk and look for new locations for the photos and of course I love also go shopping.

Styling card:

Top and Short ::: Sexy Princess ::: Lora with HUD with lot of colors for both

Boots with laces ::: Sexy Princess ::: Butterfly

Hair ::: Magika :::

Tattoo ::: Nanika :::

Glasses ::: .tsg :::

Rings ::: Meva :::

Iphone ::: Frimon ::: 

Pose ::: Belle Poses ::: 

Cigarette ::: PFC :::

Catwa bento head, Skin applier by Amara Beauty, and shape by Maitreya

perfect for this moment this video with Sarita Montiel: 

kiss!! ♥
Babi Bellic

sábado, 14 de octubre de 2017

Sexy princess

Hello my dear friends,

I am very happy to announce a new sponsor, Sexy Princess has very nice designs that I will already have the pleasure of photographing.
For the moment, I show you this cute and sexy lingerie, which is free! one of the group gifts and there is no cost to subscribe to the group. In addition, it has a HUD to customize in 4 colors

Here I leave the taxi to the shop:  Sexy Princess

miércoles, 11 de octubre de 2017

El corazón a veces se equivoca...

Hello my friends, enjoying doing pictures and going shopping in SL.
This is my styling card for today:

Top and jeans ::: Addams ::: 

Platforms ::: ChicChica ::: Kika

Bracelets ::: Pixel Box ::: GROUP GIFT (free to join)

Rings ::: Meva ::: 

Ears with piercings ::: Swallow ::: Shiny ears

Glasses ::: Haysuriza ::: cat eyes

Hair ::: Doux ::: Shakiria

Mesh head bento ::: Catwa :::

Skin applier ::: Glam Affair ::: Viktoria

Enjoy ♥
Babi ☺

Visit my YouTube Channel, here dancing with Vista Animation dances 

sábado, 7 de octubre de 2017

Happy to be back!

Hello my dear friends, 

Almost a year without being able to blog and without being able to connect in SL, for reasons of real life. But I'm happy to be back and find good changes especially in the mesh heads, good that now we can edit almost everything and customize them to our liking.
I see they also have nice expressions. 
Well for the beginning, I bought one from Catwa, it's very cute- Love it!!!

Ohhh...also the great new is that now we can move our fingers!! Well done Maitreya!!

Mesh head bento ::: Catwa ::: Tala

Skin appliers ::: Amara Beauty ::: Rebecca

Hair ::: Posh Pixels ::: Abigail (not in the market for now)

Leggins and corset ::: Spirit ::: 

Platforms ::: MODA

Poses ::: Overlow Poses ::: New pack #93

Kiss ♥♥