the stars for my eyes

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Hello dear Secondollies,

Happy to announce that a new sponsor trusting me to blog their very nice desings.
I am talking about Apple May Designs ☺

So, let's start with this very nice outfit that you can find as Gacha in The Arcade Gacha Events

Styling Card:

Outfit with pants, dress, pants, and mittons ::: Apple May Designs ::: Gacha @ The Arcade

Glasses ::: Enchanté ::: Autumn star sunglasses with hud for changing colors

Earrings ::: Enchanté ::: feelings

Lipstick ::: Olde Lily ::: 

Pose ::: Overlow Poses :::

Necklace ::: Maxis Gossamer :::

Hair ::: Analog dog :::

Enjoy your Second Life!

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