sábado, 25 de abril de 2015

Fi's Creations / Ikon

A lovely summer dress as a gift in the second Fi's Creations Hunt. 
At the store you need to collect the hearts hidden, Click them all and after you collected enough hearts of one color, please click the treasure chest in the same color to get your gifty.
3 Hunt Gifts for you. One for women, one for men and one is unisex.
Pink = Female Gifty
Blue = Male Gifty
Yellow = Unisex Gifty

Styling Card:

Dress 'naturally summer' Fi's Creations ==> Hunt Gift, more info HERE
Eyes Charm 'green' IKON
Earrings Wild honey bee Maxis Gossamer Accesories
Summer hat Casual Lies  just $29L
Sunglasses Izzie's
Hunt gifts ==> Wayward Events :
Hair Pia by Due
Wedges by Just Design
Watch Bracelet by Izzie's
Body mesh and head The Shops
Skin Lara Hurley Skins
Lipstick for TMP Modish
Eyeshadows Lara Hurley Skins

Happy hunting!!
Babi ♥

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