7 Deadly Skins / Fi's creations

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It was difficult to arrive to the one of the best gatcha events, took me more or less 3 days trying to teleport there but the sim was full.
Finally after many many clicks, I landed and began the fun :)

Style Card:

Skin Jezebel by 7 Deadly Skins ==> New round of [B] Unique at the store (just $150L)
Lipstick Lazy nudes by 7 Deadly Skins ==> Extra group gift for 2nd Anniversary
Eyes Charm in green by IKON
Dress Wonderland by Pixicat@The Arcade Gacha Events
Hair Healy by Tableau Vivant @The Arcade Gacha Events
Heels Cora by fri.day
Basket with kittens by Love me nots (just $10L)
Body, hands & feet by Maitreya


Cottage by llorisen in blue @The Arcade Gacha Events
Mailbox by Dust Bunny @The Arcade Gacha Events
Wheel & ladder 'Primaver in Toscana" by 8f8 @The Arcade Gacha Events
Basket by Scarlet creative @The Arcade Gacha Events
Birdhouse blue (Gacha) by Fi's Creations
Chair green Morgan by The loft
End table Affrodite by The Loft
Potted plant by The Loft
Hunging light by The Loft
Lillies purple by The Loft
Garden bric a brac (bottle, books & glasses) by Cheeky pea
Camp basquet by Cheeky Pea
Birdhouse vintage by Serenity Style
Decorative Bicicle by What next
Long summer grass by Turnip's


Babi ♥

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